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Lyn Pont, Ph.D.

The Power Of Your Wardrobe – Clothes and Grooming Talk

Your guests are listening with their eyes. The right choices in clothing, accessories, and grooming will communicate trust and credibility whether you are working (or playing) locally or abroad. Dress to communicate excellence. Style is nice but substance is better. The term universal standards is used when discussing first class ...

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Hosting Celebrities – What’s the Number One Rule?

Your property or organization attracts celebrities because you have earned a reputation for quality and respect for the privacy of your guests. The number one rule when receiving celebrities is to respect their privacy. I know that you would never consider asking for an autograph, nor would you ask if ...

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Wearable Technology – The New Wild West

The world of Wearable Technology may be the new Wild West for employers. Your employees need common sense and revenue driven, “Suggested Guidelines.” The list below may assist you in creating your own brand guidelines. The most important issue: brand, guest and employee privacy. Visible communication devices tell your guests ...

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