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How’s Your Business Behavior? Trade Shows and Conventions.

Trade shows and conventions are great opportunities to cement valuable business relations and to acquire cutting-edge industry knowledge.  If you are the associate behind the vendor’s booth, remember that your colleagues, potential clients and/or guests are watching you.  This is not the time to scratch an itch or sneak a ...

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All About Weddings – Part Two of Two

The Ceremony The wedding may take place in a church, rectory, synagogue, mosque, meeting hall, hotel, country club, judge’s chambers, private home, military chapel, or on a beach. Arrive at least fifteen minutes early for the ceremony. If there is a guest book, the guest signs his or her name without ...

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All About Weddings – Part One of Two

Weddings are a big subject so this post is written in Part’s One and Two. A lovely traditional wedding can be a beautiful celebration set in today’s non-traditional world. Weddings may be elaborate or understated, formal or casual. Weddings come in all shapes as one size does not fit all. ...

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The Holiday Party – Six Important Things You Must Know

To make an excellent impression at your company’s holiday party there are only a handful of things you absolutely must know. Do these things and you will be perceived as well-mannered and socially-skilled. It’s that time of year again. Perhaps you’ve been  invited to attend your  organization’s holiday bash. You may have been invited to ...

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