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International Business Protocol

Global Business Manners


Our International Protocol programs are developed specifically for United States-based business executives who are positioning themselves to either conduct business abroad or to receive international visitors and colleagues.

The savvy international professional must be able to work comfortably in a global environment.  We teach valuable strategies to help you correctly interpret the cultural differences of your business audiences.

A sample of topics covered may include:

  • Boardroom protocol
  • Unwritten codes of business
  • Media savvy
  • Relationship building
  • Business travel
  • Mastering the first meeting
  • Connecting with decision makers
  • Electronic etiquette
  • Bow, handshake, or kiss?
  • Professional business dress
  • Presence and poise
  • Reception vs. receiving lines
  • Cocktail party strategies
  • Cross cultural business etiquette
  • Networking skills
  • Seniority and deference
  • Avoiding business faux pas
  • Advanced dining skills
  • Silverware savvy
  • Business body language
  • The silent service code
  • Business entertaining
  • Professional correspondence
  • Addressing dignitaries

Customized International Protocol seminars are available in one-hour workshops, half-day and full day formats.  Half-day and full-day programs are designed to include a four-course, hands-on business dining tutorial luncheon or dinner.

Specific Country Briefings


You’re the best in the domestic market. Now you must compete globally.  Success in the international arena requires global competencies and effective cross-cultural communication skills, country by country.

Manners for Business presents international business briefings by specific country.  If your work requires negotiation, communication and social savvy in a global marketplace, we assist you in gaining an international business edge.

We provide you will an on-site briefing and printed briefing book either prior to international business travel, or prior to the arrival of your international guest.

A sample of topics covered in your briefing book may include:

  • Negotiation Styles
  • Business and social introductions
  • Business card ceremonies
  • Gestures – what to avoid
  • Effective gift giving
  • Presenting an international image
  • Projecting cultural awareness
  • Dealing with government officials
  • Issues of translators & interpreters
  • Global communication styles
  • Cultural formalities
  • Pre-meeting action plans
  • Rank and status
  • Personal space & gestures
  • High & low-context cultures
  • International dining
  • Limousine protocol
  • Flag etiquette
  • Global forms of address
  • Strategic dos and don’ts

Customized international business briefings are available in a variety of formats and can be presented to a group or to an individual.  Half-day and full-day programs include a hands-on country specific, dining tutorial luncheon or dinner.

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