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Gracefully Exiting Your Job

There is nothing quite as shocking as being told that your position has been eliminated or that you are being fired. What’s important is that you remain calm and listen very carefully. Do not become so upset that you fail to hear that you are being considered for another position or an internal transfer. If this was not said, then speak up and find out what the next step is. Ask for the assistance you need. If you were not trained properly or not given the tools you needed to do your job successfully, let your manager know in the kindest and most professional way that you can. Managers can make mistakes.

If the situation cannot be corrected, then make sure that you exit like a professional. Let your manager know that, regardless of whatever happened, it was always nice working with him or her and the team. Never jeopardize the possibility of getting a good recommendation. Brand policy usually states that recommendations of any kind are not given. Don’t believe it. People talk. Make sure they have something nice to say about you.

You will be told when your end date is. Be as professional as possible during this time. Find out from your Human Resources Department about the insurance and other benefits you are able to take away with you. Never say anything negative about this private matter to the rest of the team. You might say, “Sometimes things happen. It’s been a pleasure to work with you.” If you are offered assistance in finding a new job, accept it. Should someone you know ever be in this situation, say something constructive like, “You know so much about operations. Other organizations will recognize this as soon as they meet you.”

Should you decide to leave your position voluntarily, check your brand’s policy regarding how much notice is expected. Policy may state that you submit a letter of resignation. No matter why you resigned, absolutely never say anything bad about your former employer to anyone. The industry is not that large. People know each other, and bad news travels quickly. I know it will be difficult, but be as gracious as you possibly can.


Excerpts of blog taken from the book: Hospitality Management – People Skills & Manners on and off the Job.

Copyright © 2015 Lyn Pont, PhD

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