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Business Dining Etiquette

The Business Meal


Your organization demands excellence in the boardroom. Dining out is no exception. Your associates must be able to respond flawlessly in situations where business relationships are developed and strengthened at the table.

Our customized seminars emphasize Business Dining with both domestic and international clients.  These hands-on presentations dovetail successfully with the essential Business Etiquette seminars.

A sample of topics covered may include:

  • Escorting your guest to the table
  • The “power” seat
  • Who orders first?
  • Business entertaining
  • Invitations
  • Restaurant selection
  • Host and guest duties
  • The corporate spouse
  • Silverware savvy
  • Napkin etiquette
  • A wine primer
  • Business toasting
  • Eating various foods
  • Silent service code
  • American & Continental dining
  • Excusing yourself
  • Technology at the table
  • Forms of serving food globally
  • Tipping worldwide
  • The buffet meal

Customized Business Dining seminars are available in one-hour workshops, half-day and full day formats.  Half-day and full-day programs are designed to include a Business Etiquette seminar or First Impressions Workshop.

Formal Dining Skills


Are you confident at a formal table?  Glide through formal business and social occasions with perfect confidence. Dine with style and grace.  Polish your dining skills.

Your success in the social and business arenas demands flawless table etiquette.

A sample of topics covered may include:

  • Business vs. social entertaining
  • Host/Hostess responsibilities
  • Reception & receiving lines
  • American & Continental dining
  • China, crystal & silverware savvy
  • The silent service code
  • Serving, clearing & passing food
  • When to begin eating
  • How to hold various glasses
  • Soup etiquette
  • Speaking with your server
  • Bread & butter etiquette
  • The art of conversation
  • Forms of service worldwide
  • Toasting
  • Napkin etiquette
  • Selecting wine
  • Finger bowls
  • Leaving the table
  • Difficult to eat foods
  • Sommelier etiquette
  • Do’s & don’ts of dining

Let us customize a Fine Dining program and a Networking Skills Workshop for your organization.

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