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Lyn Pont, Ph.D.

Coming Out – Do You Work In Hospitality?

The laws protecting the civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) associates vary widely by country, state, county and province around the world. GLBT rights in the United States have evolved over time and vary on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis. Depending where you live, you may not ...

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Words Have Power

The words that you say to your guests and colleagues are very powerful. Think about this. When you were about two years old, your mother began to insist that you use the words “please” and “thank you.” Since that time, nothing has changed except that you now need to use ...

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How to properly serve & types of table service

  As waitstaff, you are members of the world’s most outstanding team. Because of this, there are both expectations and opportunities regarding your knowledge and performance: You are each truly exceptional within a very competitive business arena. This means that you must stand out as competent and knowledgeable. Below are ...

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Holiday Greetings: E-cards? Paper Cards? Letters?

E-mail & E-cards for the holidays The classy thing to do is to send a paper holiday card instead of an e-mail or an e-card greeting to your friends, relatives, vendors, guests, and clients. Having said that, it’s a big and interconnected world and there are so many exceptions. Take ...

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Gossip At Work

Gossip.  Such an unkind, hurtful, and generally untruthful thing. Consider the points below when listening to or being tempted to repeat gossip at work. You are part of a valuable, trusted, and hardworking team. Unkind gossip will hurt the effectiveness and closeness of your team. Gossip will erode the trust ...

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Business Buffets – 20 “Must Knows”

Buffet service may be the choice of your host at your next business or social meal or reception. Buffets can be found in the most informal and the most elegant of venues. The rules are straightforward: You will have to stand in line and wait your turn. Think of this as an ...

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