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The Holiday Party – Six Important Things You Must Know

To make an excellent impression at your company’s holiday party there are only a handful of things you absolutely must know. Do these things and you will be perceived as well-mannered and socially-skilled.

It’s that time of year again. Perhaps you’ve been  invited to attend your  organization’s holiday bash. You may have been invited to the home of either your general manager, or the president of your company, to toast the New Year.

Below, I’ve listed some exacting guidelines so that your fine and well-earned reputation remains just that way.

The list is not complicated. According to business communications consultant, Barbara Pachter, there are only six important things to remember:

1.  You must attend.

2.  You must stay sober.

3.  Dress appropriately.

4.  Mingle.

5.  Prepare your spouse, significant other, date, or partner for whatever or whomever he/she may encounter.

6.  Hand write a thank-you note to the appropriate person.

No, you may not e-mail or text a thank-you note. You are special, not ordinary. Go and have a wonderful time at the party.

This advice applies to all business and social occasions, including office parties, to which you are invited throughout the year. It’s that easy! Enjoy the holidays with your friends and colleagues knowing that your business and social behavior is to be admired.

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