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Hosting Celebrities – What’s the Number One Rule?

Your property or organization attracts celebrities because you have earned a reputation for quality and respect for the privacy of your guests. The number one rule when receiving celebrities is to respect their privacy.

I know that you would never consider asking for an autograph, nor would you ask if he or she would let you take a photograph. You will always keep your distance, especially if the celebrity has brought his or her family during this stay. Remember that celebrities are protective of their children, so be very mindful that there may be bodyguards, nannies, and/or private tutors in the entourage. You need to speak directly with these people or with the parents; never approach a celebrity’s child directly.

Always address these guests in the same way that you would address all guests, by using the correct title: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Father, etc. By all means, if you are working with this person, introduce yourself and briefly shake hands, using appropriate eye contact and being aware not to stand inappropriately close to the celebrity.

Should you ever be introduced to the Queen of England, know that she is initially addressed as “Your Majesty.” Thereafter, you will address her as “Ma’am.” Never offer her your hand. If she wants to shake your hand, she will do so. Never curtsey or bow unless you are a subject of the United Kingdom.

The president of the United States is addressed as “Mr. President.” Thereafter, you will address him as “Sir.” A female United States president would be addressed as “Madame President.” Thereafter you would address her as “Ma’am.” Either you will be introduced to the president by an aide or the president will introduce him or herself. Allow the president to extend his or her hand first. In conversation, address the president of a foreign republic as either “Your Excellency” or “Mr. President.”


Excerpts of blog taken from the book:  Hospitality Management – People Skills & Manners on and off the Job.

Copyright © 2015 Lyn Pont, PhD

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