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Stairs, Escalators and Moving Walkways – It’s Business – Who Goes First?

Stair, escalator, and moving walkway protocols are exactly the same. They never vary:

  • Always stand to the right. Never stand to the left or in the middle. That’s it. Just move yourself over to the right and stay there.
  • There are people behind you who may need to get somewhere in a hurry. Please be aware of others. Are you blocking the entire pathway by standing in the center?
  • Socially, the man precedes the woman when going down an escalator. The woman precedes the man when going up an escalator. In business, just get on the escalator.
  •  If the CEO of your company or your supervisor is traveling with you, stand aside so that he or she may enter the escalator, stairs, or moving walkway.
  • Think about your luggage when you are at the airport on one of those moving walkways. Do not place luggage right in the middle of the walkway. Others may need to get in front of you so as not to miss their flight.
  • Think common sense. Think courtesy. It’s about making life a little easier for others.
  • People do notice your behavior.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will always appear well-schooled and competent in business and social   manners.

Excerpts of blog taken from the book: Hospitality Management – People Skills & Manners on and off the Job. Copyright © 2015 Lyn Pont, PhD

— Isadore Sharp, chairman and founder, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

“Pont’s book is a must-read for anyone considering a career in hospitality.”

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