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Hospitality Management: I have a disruptive guest – How do I handle this?

It is unfortunate; but, from time to time, a guest (or guests) may behave badly. You will be surprised and perhaps the commitment and respect that you hold for your guests will be shaken. I know it will be difficult; but, be as professional and as gracious as you possibly can as you handle this situation.

A couple may raise their voices to each other in a public area. I am speaking about a disagreement and raised voices, not a violent confrontation. This situation, while partially about civility and etiquette, has two other parts. One part is sensitivity toward these guests, and the other is the safety and comfort of yourself, your colleagues, and your other guests.

If you are unable or are unauthorized to handle this situation, quickly find your team leader or other member of management. If the situation must be addressed immediately (and you are authorized to do so), go to the guests and say (while smiling), “Excuse me, I’m so very sorry to interrupt, but since there are so many other guests in the lobby, I have to ask that you please lower your voices. Again, I’m so sorry I’ve interrupted you.”

It is understood that you want your guests to have a great time while enjoying your hotel, restaurant, casino, airline, or cruise line. Even so, a similar situation may occur where one or both parties have been drinking. Immediately call security if alcohol or any other questionable substance is involved or if you believe there is the potential for physical violence.

A member of the security team will take over in these situations. Check your operations manual for guidance and speak with your team leader about these and any other potentially harmful guest-related situations.

I hope that seeing guests behave badly is a new or rare situation for you. Just be patient with yourself. I know that you will display confidence, knowledge and kindness because you are an amazing hospitality professional. You are a member of the world’s most outstanding team.

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