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Flying for business? Here’s what you need to know!

Follow the tips in this article and your business trip on a commercial airliner will go very smoothly! First and most important, remember to take your ticket/boarding pass, picture I.D. and passport, if required. You will be boarding by row or section, based on where you are sitting. This is where ...

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How To Sell Softly

Simply by being present, you are selling. The only question is “What are you selling and how?” Your guests and clients are looking for value. They are speaking with you because you are either: Solving a problem they have or, Providing some service they desire. Engage in conversation. Never simply ...

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Gracefully Exiting Your Job

There is nothing quite as shocking as being told that your position has been eliminated or that you are being fired. What’s important is that you remain calm and listen very carefully. Do not become so upset that you fail to hear that you are being considered for another position ...

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Pets, Electronics, and Robes! Oh my!   Some clients and friends would not dream of having you stay anywhere except at their home. Or you may end up there because of weather conditions that cause your flight to be cancelled. While this arrangement would not be my first choice, if ...

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The Power Of Your Wardrobe – Clothes and Grooming Talk

Your guests are listening with their eyes. The right choices in clothing, accessories, and grooming will communicate trust and credibility whether you are working (or playing) locally or abroad. Dress to communicate excellence. Style is nice but substance is better. The term universal standards is used when discussing first class ...

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