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Hand Gestures – Cultural Expectations

—-Be Aware of International Differences—- When receiving international visitors, avoid the “OK” sign. The okay sign may signal an unspecified obscenity in Russia, Germany, Brazil, Greece, and Turkey. In France and Belgium, it means that you have no value. Also avoid the “thumbs up” sign. This is an offensive and ...

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The Business Card – 12 Tips For Professionals

As a professional, you must represent yourself and your brand with dignity and class. Your card is an extension of you, and you are an extension of a respected brand. Your business cards must be immaculately clean, and all information needs to be up-to-date. Keep your cards where they are readily ...

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Develop & Maintain Global Business – What to do at the Table You can develop and maintain global business by practicing your international dining skills. In many countries, business is not even approached until you and your potential clients have shared several meals. Let’s say you’ve just been invited to ...

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