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Business Etiquette Seminar


Do your professionals represent your company with polish, politeness, confidence and authority? Do they have the soft skills needed to retain clients while bringing in new business?  This is the essential business seminar for both seasoned executives and new hires.

A sample of topics covered may include:

  • Handshaking internationally
  • Business eye contact
  • Business body language
  • Presence, poise, posture
  • Personal space
  • Connecting with decision makers
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Responding to introductions
  • Forms of address
  • Business travel etiquette
  • Pre-meeting strategies
  • When, where and how to sit
  • Electronic technology
  • Understanding seniority
  • Gestures
  • Professional correspondence
  • Business card savvy
  • Meeting protocol
  • Cultural considerations
  • Dressing for success

Customized Business Etiquette seminars are available in workshop, half-day and full-day formats.  Full–day programs include a three or four-course, hands-on Business Dining tutorial luncheon or dinner.

Business Networking Skills Workshop


Can your associates and managers move smoothly from one business opportunity to the next in a room full of excellent prospects?

Your employees will learn the art of effective mingling in a variety of social and business situations.

A sample of topics covered may include:

  • Making an entrance
  • How to network and work a room
  • Business card savvy
  • Small talk made easy
  • Active listening
  • Remembering names
  • Cocktail party strategies
  • Connecting with decision makers
  • Foods to avoid
  • Escaping a conversation
  • Relationship building
  • Parts of the room to avoid
  • A powerful handshake
  • Electronics after 5 o’clock
  • Powerful eye signals
  • Dressing for success

Let us customize a Networking Workshop and a hands-on Business Dining tutorial luncheon or dinner or for your organization.

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